Updates to “Admin Mode”

After some discussion with the pilot camps, what they were really after wasn’t for confirmations to not be sent at all — but confirmations to be sent without the PAY NOW and REGISTER ANOTHER CAMPER links.  So, this has been updated accordingly.  Now, when adding a registration from the REGISTER link on your admin page, you’ll have two new options that you can configure.  Both are checked by default, but you can turn them off:

Registering camper in ADMIN MODE
This is a “paper registration”
Don’t include PAY NOW and REGISTER ANOTHER CAMPER links in confirmation email

Those are pretty self-explanatory as far as what they mean, I think.  If you have any questions, please reply here or in our Google Hangout.

Processing “Paper Registrations”

The CAMP link on the admin side of your system has been renamed to REGISTER.

Clicking on that REGISTER link will now put the registration system into ADMIN MODE.  This does pretty much just one thing — suppresses the email from being sent to the email address on file.  So, no more parents calling or emailing you back asking why they’re getting email saying PAY NOW.

Enjoy.  Hope to get the donation form and check payment processing added tomorrow morning.

Manual Payments (check, cash, paypal)

I talked with both camps yesterday and today, and promised both that I’d be working on an interface where payments can be entered for paper registrations.  I just got done setting up a test camp where I can do this work without the concern of screwing something up on your live camp registrations.  Unfortunately I had over 40 phone calls today, so I sort of ran out of time.  I’ll be working on this first thing tomorrow morning.

Fixed Date of Birth entry format issue

The registration form uses HTML5 input field awesomeness.  This makes things happen automatically – such as the pop-up calendar for dates, format verification for things like telephone numbers and email addresses.  Unfortunately, not all browsers support HTML5, such as older versions of Internet Explorer and all versions of Mozilla Firefox.  I’ve added input checking for the date of birth field to verify that for those browsers, the date is being entered as MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD or MM/DD/YY.

Also, unrelated, I cleaned up the processing fee box a bit.

Camp Profile

OK – I think I’m pretty much done here!  The final touches are in place, the most recent of which is that you can now enable your registrations (or disable them) on your own.  At the top left hand corner of your admin interface you’ll see a link for PROFILE.  Just click on that, and you’ll have the ability to disable and enable registrations!  So, at this point, it’s pretty much all on you to get your testing done and put your registration systems into production.


More Updates!

Almost all of the things I mentioned in the previous  update notes have now been added.  Partial payments can be made; payment status is immediately displayed on screen when a payment is made; ACH/e-check is implemented (with fancy pictures!)  All that’s really left is adding recurring payments for people who can’t swing the whole amount — however, now that the system does take partial payments, I think that’s less of an issue.

I think the system is ready to use, but let’s get some good testing done first.

A few notes……

  • The early bird discount amount AND deadline date can be set on a per-camp basis.   You can of course just set all the same discount amounts and deadline dates.  Totally up to you!
  • In the admin interface you’ll see an amount due – that will reflect amount due for all campers in a registration, not just that one individual camper.
  • The camp registration code is 55k in size – 1,932 lines of code
  • The camp admin code is just 37k in size – 1,484 lines of code


Checkout Rewritten

I didn’t like how I had the fees getting charged to the entire transaction.  I made it so fees are applied just to the partial payment, and users are now able to select multiple payment methods if they want to.  (So they could feasibly pay some with PayPal, some by e-check/ACH, some with a credit card, and send a check in for the remainder of the balance.)

Credit Cards and ACH (e-check) transactions will automatically post to the system, while PayPal and any other form of payment will need to be entered in manually.  Now that I’ve rewritten the user end of the transactions, I’ll need to also adjust the admin side, but that will wait until later this evening or tomorrow.  So, for now, the admin side won’t reflect the payment.

You should now be able to test the registration URLs that I gave you.  Credit card and E-check transactions will NOT BE POSTED LIVE YET – until you’re ready.  It’s a matter of flipping a switch for me to enable live processing, so just let me know when you’re ready.

I can’t stress this enough – TEST THIS!  I don’t want to have an OOPS after 200 campers are signed up and we have a huge mess.

Oh – the fees are just ones I grabbed out of the air.  If you don’t like those fees or don’t want fees to be charged at all just let me know.  Each of the four payment types can have its own fee structure.  Defaults are:

PayPal – 4%

Credit Card – 1.5%

ACH/e-check – 50 cents

Checks – no fee



OK, I’m not done yet, but I think we’re ready to start testing.  I’d like you to use your paper registrations or just use dummy data.  Credit card payments all work but I have your live processing disabled.  So, your sites are in test mode at the moment. Please test some registrations, either real ones or fake ones, and let me know if you run in to any problems!

Still to do…….

  • Instant visibility of the payment on screen (this is obviously very important – I plan to add it ASAP)
  • ACH/e-Check interface  (this is relatively quick, it’s just a copy of the credit card code)
  • Recurring payments – credit card or ACH
  • Partial payments – the initial partial payment works already but there’s no way to come back and make more payments yet


Sorry about yesterday – had a server crash and had to spend the day talking to people about how one day of lost email was simply the best alternative possible.  You’d think I killed their family pet in some cases.  Sigh.

Anyway, we have credit card processing now!  I need to finish up the last piece of the programming, which is crucial – it goes back and flags the campers as being paid so that you can tell who has paid and who hasn’t without cross referencing receipts and manually doing the updates.  I hope to have that finished later this morning.

Shopping Cart / Multiple Campers

Parents can now register multiple campers in a single payment.  What’s cool also about this is that it’s tied to the email address of the parent.  So, if the first camper is entered in but not paid for, the parent runs out of time, and doesn’t come back for a week to add the second camper, the first one will still be sitting there waiting for payment and won’t need to be re-entered.

Camps will be able to specify their own discounts that they’d like to have applied, and the system will automatically calculate them.  Examples – early bird discount, multi-camper discount, online payment discount, etc.

Enough for tonight – tomorrow morning the credit card processing code will be added.