Registration form types

You now have the ability to have different kinds of registration forms.  This will evolve over time – the next update to this code will enable you to build your own forms.  Right now, we’ll have to handle that for you.  So, in addition to the original summer camp registration form, you now have the ability to have a more stripped down form, useful for things like day events, retreats, etc, where you don’t need all the medical information and emergency contact information.

Payment Processing Updates

Lots of updates, going to just list them out…..

  • Paper check payments now allow name on check, name of bank, and additional notes to be entered
  • Credit Card, E-Check, and PayPal payments can have their processing fee changed when clicking the payment links from the admin interface
  • Discounts can now be removed and added  (This can be used for any sort of discount – like camperships, gift certificates, church payments, anything you need.)  I have several canned discount types programmed in, but you can specify anything you want using the “Other” option.
  • Camp Luther – additional child discount now calculated properly


Mass Email Tool

You now have the ability to send an email to all campers on any particular search screen.  This could be a specific search by name, zip code, city, area code, or a list of registrants by camp.  Just fill in the form like you’re sending any other email, click the SEND EMAIL button, and view the confirmation screen to see what emails were sent.  Enjoy!

Search Options Updated

In next production rollout, you’ll see the following changes on the search page:

  • Option to show online or paper registrations  (default = show both)
  • Option to include deleted registrations  (default = no)

On the camper list page, you’ll see a P or O after the camper’s name that says whether it was a paper registration (P) or online registration (O)

Confirmation Emails Fixed

Please accept my apology for this one.  The confirmation emails were only sent out if the individual (scheduled) camp was updated with the confirmation letter.  On my dev system, I’d done that, but in production, your camps were not updated.

I’ve updated the programming to check the default registration confirmation email from the SECTIONS area in the event there is no custom camp confirmation email message saved, and it will use that one.  So, you won’t need to go update all of your camps.  The system is working now as designed.

Again, please accept my humble apology.  I know I wasted some of your time on this.

Check Processing LIVE!

OK – you can now run all those checks you have sitting there while you’ve been waiting on Dave.  Please let me know if you have any questions — I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.  You can get to the check processing screen by clicking on the link where it says $375 due, etc.

Next up — ability to apply discounts or add fees manually to that screen.

Check Processing!

This morning I got the code [almost] completed that will allow you to process that stack of receipts you have there!  The “davescamp” demo site now has the programming you’ll soon see on your live sites.  I need to test to be sure things don’t get messed up before rolling it into production.  The changes are as follows:

  • The camper lists will now show a transaction ID number with each camper.  This will let you easily see which transactions are grouped together right on that front screen.
  • The transactions link at the top has been working, but the screen that came up after that wasn’t overly useful.  It’s still not where I want it, but you can click on the SHOW link on the left side of that screen to bring up the transaction, view it, click links to process credit card, ACH, or PayPal payments, or click the new “Process Check” button to process your mailed-in payments, or payments you receive at check-in.

Coming soon:

  • Ability to print or email receipt
  • Production rollout of changes in this post


Custom Confirmation Messages

The boring drab default message is still there, but it’s now appended with your custom confirmation message that you can set on the EDIT CAMP pages.  To edit the defaults for each camp, use the SECTIONS interface.  This confirmation message will be sent with every registration, both ones done by parents online and paper registrations manually processed by the staff.

Remove Camp Feature

You can now REMOVE camps.  Just like removing registrations, you’ll need to provide the random 4-character verification string to delete a camp.  Furthermore, camps can only be deleted if they have no registered campers.  You’ll need to either move campers to another camp or remove their registrations to delete a camp that contains campers.

Add Camp Form

The ADD CAMP form will now pull defaults from the SECTIONS page.  As such, the ADD CAMP page will now only have the selection drop-down menu of sections, the start date for the camp, and early bird discount options.  The rest of the details will be auto-populated from the defaults in the camp SECTION screen once the camp has been added.  You can then change those defaults as per your preference.

Along with this update is the ability to set the defaults on the section for:

  • Price
  • Length of Camp
  • Max # of Campers
  • Confirmation Email text

I’m now working on a development version of the code on my “Dave’s Camp” URL.  You can check out the interface there if you wish!