More Updates!

Almost all of the things I mentioned in the previous  update notes have now been added.  Partial payments can be made; payment status is immediately displayed on screen when a payment is made; ACH/e-check is implemented (with fancy pictures!)  All that’s really left is adding recurring payments for people who can’t swing the whole amount — however, now that the system does take partial payments, I think that’s less of an issue.

I think the system is ready to use, but let’s get some good testing done first.

A few notes……

  • The early bird discount amount AND deadline date can be set on a per-camp basis.   You can of course just set all the same discount amounts and deadline dates.  Totally up to you!
  • In the admin interface you’ll see an amount due – that will reflect amount due for all campers in a registration, not just that one individual camper.
  • The camp registration code is 55k in size – 1,932 lines of code
  • The camp admin code is just 37k in size – 1,484 lines of code


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