Checkout Rewritten

I didn’t like how I had the fees getting charged to the entire transaction.  I made it so fees are applied just to the partial payment, and users are now able to select multiple payment methods if they want to.  (So they could feasibly pay some with PayPal, some by e-check/ACH, some with a credit card, and send a check in for the remainder of the balance.)

Credit Cards and ACH (e-check) transactions will automatically post to the system, while PayPal and any other form of payment will need to be entered in manually.  Now that I’ve rewritten the user end of the transactions, I’ll need to also adjust the admin side, but that will wait until later this evening or tomorrow.  So, for now, the admin side won’t reflect the payment.

You should now be able to test the registration URLs that I gave you.  Credit card and E-check transactions will NOT BE POSTED LIVE YET – until you’re ready.  It’s a matter of flipping a switch for me to enable live processing, so just let me know when you’re ready.

I can’t stress this enough – TEST THIS!  I don’t want to have an OOPS after 200 campers are signed up and we have a huge mess.

Oh – the fees are just ones I grabbed out of the air.  If you don’t like those fees or don’t want fees to be charged at all just let me know.  Each of the four payment types can have its own fee structure.  Defaults are:

PayPal – 4%

Credit Card – 1.5%

ACH/e-check – 50 cents

Checks – no fee


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