Check Processing!

This morning I got the code [almost] completed that will allow you to process that stack of receipts you have there!  The “davescamp” demo site now has the programming you’ll soon see on your live sites.  I need to test to be sure things don’t get messed up before rolling it into production.  The changes are as follows:

  • The camper lists will now show a transaction ID number with each camper.  This will let you easily see which transactions are grouped together right on that front screen.
  • The transactions link at the top has been working, but the screen that came up after that wasn’t overly useful.  It’s still not where I want it, but you can click on the SHOW link on the left side of that screen to bring up the transaction, view it, click links to process credit card, ACH, or PayPal payments, or click the new “Process Check” button to process your mailed-in payments, or payments you receive at check-in.

Coming soon:

  • Ability to print or email receipt
  • Production rollout of changes in this post


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